Our Platform


Economic Justice

We believe that government should raise revenue from the wealthiest individuals and big corporations in order to fund vital services like public schools, human services and investing in our infrastructure. Chicago relies heavily on regressive revenue sources which overburden working- and middle-class people while undertaxing the rich.

Affordable Housing

We believe that housing is a human right, and we need to hold developers and our government accountable to fund affordable housing and regulate the market to put people over profit. We believe that preserving and maintaining affordable housing is an investment in our communities that will allow working class people, seniors, folks with disabilities, people of color, LGBTQ folks, and folks with limited access to resources to remain in their homes and communities.

Police Accountability

We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe wherever they live. We believe our police department must act with accountability and transparency. Everyone in Chicago must have a mechanism to hold the police accountable.


We believe Illinois must adopt policies with a goal of 100% renewable electric energy by 2030, off all fossil fuels by 2040. We believe this comprehensive policy must lead with environmental justice for lower-income and People of Color communities, a Just Transition for extraction and power plant communities, and against dangerous oil/gas fracking.


We believe all immigrants, regardless of immigration status, should live without fear of family separation, arrest or deportation.  We believe our state and municipalities should adopt meaningful laws and/or ordinances prohibiting state/local law enforcement cooperation with federal ICE enforcement/deportation activities.


We believe in quality public education for all children. We believe that teachers of color add value through continuity and cultural competency. We believe in parent leadership and participation. We believe the public education system should be well funded allowing teachers, parents and children to receive the respect and support they deserve.

Mental Health Justice

We believe that our government is responsible for providing accessible, quality mental health services that allow each person living with mental illness to live their lives with dignity and joy and with as much independence as they choose.