ONE People’s Campaign’s Endorsements for the Chicago Municipal Elections

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ONE People’s Campaign is pleased to endorse Maria Hadden for 49th Ward Alderman and Matt Martin for 47th Ward Alderman. These two candidates will be champions for the issues of affordable housing, police accountability, access to mental health services, climate change mitigation and adaptation, fully and equitably funded public schools, and progressive revenue sources for the city budget. The OPC membership is comprised of people on the front lines of the crises plaguing our city, state and country. These issue were identified as priority areas for the 2019 municipal elections.

ONE People’s Campaign’s Chicago Political Committee also voted to “un-endorse” James Cappleman. “We interviewed three candidates: Erika Wozniak Francis, Marianne Lalonde and Angela Clay. Each of them will be strong champions for the issues our members care about, but our members decided the #1 priority in the 46th ward is to get James Cappleman out of office -- he has been a staunch opponent of affordable housing,” said Bryce Fields, founding Board Member and member of the OPC Chicago Political Committee and 46th ward resident.


OPC “Anti-Endorses” Cappleman in the 46th Ward

“Matt will be a champion for policies that put people and the planet ahead of corporate profits in the In the 47th ward. With his strong track record as a civil rights attorney and expertise in the issue of police accountability, we are confident Matt will be an effective voice in city council speaking up for progressive issues,” said Joe Grant, founding Board Member and member of the OPC Chicago Political Committee and 47th ward resident.

“Far too often, our political process is derailed by elected officials beholden to the special interests that fund their campaigns, or old political machines. Our neighbors know we need independent leadership and a bold agenda in City Hall to get things done. That’s why I am so proud to be endorsed by ONE People’s Campaign, which works tirelessly for a political system that puts people first,” said Matt Martin, candidate for 47th ward alderman.

“We must elect Maria Hadden in the 49th ward,” said EdVette Jones, member of the OPC Chicago Political Committee. “Maria will be a powerful advocate for maintaining and increasing affordable housing in the ward. Joe Moore is the chair of the housing committee in city council, and he has blocked every meaningful piece of legislation to protect keep our city affordable for low-income and working class people. He has overseen the gentrification of Rogers Park and the displacement of thousands of people of color. Maria Hadden will be a champion for the issues we care about and we are excited to  support her campaign.”


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ONE People’s Campaign Endorses Betsy Londrigan for Congress, Jill Blair for State Representative

ONE People’s Campaign is proud to endorse Betsy Londrigan, Democratic Candidate for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District, and Jill Blair, Democratic candidate in Illinois’ 88th state house district. Betsy Londrigan is running against Rodney Davis, the 3-term Republican incumbent, and Jill Blair is challenging 10-term Keith Sommer, the Republican state house incumbent. Both women are running on platforms that include protecting and expanding access to healthcare, stopping tax breaks that only benefit the rich and big corporations, and transitioning our state and country to renewable energy production in order to stop climate change.

“Betsy Londrigan will be a breath of fresh air for the 13th Congressional District. She is committed to advancing policies that serve working families and the health of our planet. She’s traveled to every corner of the district to hear residents’ concerns. We look forward to working with her to advance legislation to improve access to health care, that help us transition to renewable energy and to stop Trump’s agenda in Congress,” said Tom Cullen, ONE People’s Campaign’s board member.

“Jill Blair is a candidate who will fight for policies that put the interests of people and our planet ahead of corporate profits. She has a strong moral compass and progressive values. Her track record as an educator, serving the most vulnerable, assures us that she will continue that mission while in Springfield. We need a new generation of Democrats who will promote People and Planet First values and in Jill Blair, we see a champion,” said Jenn Carrillo, a board member of ONE People’s Campaign and Bloomington resident.

Londrigan, a first time candidate, is running on a platform to increase access to high quality, affordable health care, tax policies that shift the burden to the wealthy and big corporations instead of leaving working families to pick up the tab, good paying jobs and to protect Medicare and Social Security.

Blair, also a first time candidate, is running on a platform to pass a graduated income tax and close corporate tax loopholes in order to increase funding for public schools, universities, MAP grants for low-income college students, and human services. She supports renewable energy to address the urgency of the climate crisis. She also wants to create a public option in Illinois so residents can access affordable, high quality health care.

Want to know more about these candidate’s positions?

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Jill Blair

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Daniel Biss For Illinois Governor

After making its first ever electoral endorsement of Daniel Biss for Illinois Governor, new organizing group ONE People’s Campaign canvassed over a thousand people in Chicago and McClean County leading up to the March 20th primary election.

“We believe that creating a city and state that reflects our progressive vision has to include voters across Illinois,” said Sonny Garcia, McClean County Organizer for ONE People’s Campaign. “That’s reflected in where we concentrated our electoral efforts during this primary -- we knocked doors and phone banked not just in the Chicago area, but in Bloomington, Normal and small towns throughout McClean County.”

ONE People’s Campaign was created as a joint effort between people in Chicago and people Central and Southern Illinois as a way to create stronger, united progressive power across Illinois. Over the course of two weeks, ONE People’s Campaign reached out to over 5262 people, and spoke with over 1632 people.

“Sen. Biss has a proven track record of supporting and advancing progressive causes and legislation, closing tax loopholes and taxing the wealthiest Illinoisans to invest in a budget that puts people and the planet first,” said Erin Ryan, ONE People's Campaign’s Board President “Senator Biss was a natural first endorsement for ONE People’s Campaign because he’s not a millionaire -- he understands the experiences of everyday people.”

“We envision a society where everyone’s voice is heard and they are able to live with joy and dignity. Who we elect into office matters in terms of our ability to achieve this vision. ” said Bryce Fields, Board Member of ONE People's Campaign. “ONE People’s Campaign is committed to winning racial, gender and economic justice by dismantling systems of oppression -- and we’ll continue to push this agenda by building governing power across Illinois.”


Maria Hadden shares ONE People’s Campaign’s passion for genuine representation of the community and looks forward to working with us on issues of racial, gender, and economic justice. Vote for Maria Hadden, our 49th Ward Adlerwoman candidate for positive change in our community.